MODERN INVESTMENT CAST INDUSTRIES are an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company and engaged in manufacturing of Ferrous & Non-ferrous Investment Castings using Lost wax process since last 15 years

MICI” is already develop of casting components with weight range of few Gms. (03Gms.) To 50kgs. Single piece casting and in minimum wall thickness up to 1.5mm

MICI” is equipped with all major Quality control equipments, such as Single spark Spectrometer for Chemical Analysis, Universal Testing Machine for testing physical properties, Hardness Testing Machine, Die penetration Test, Magnetic Particle Test machine, Impact testing machine, static and dynamic load testing machine, All Types of Measuring Instruments etc.

Lot of value addition as per customer requirement, are done over the castings such as Machining, Radiography/ UT, All types Special Heat treatment, such as Tuffriding, Nitriding, etc. additional Tests – such as Surface roughness test, Salt spray test, IGC Practice B, F, Impact Test Coating –

Zinc passivation, Electro Polishing, Acid Pickling, Blackening Qualified Manpower in all departments with vast experience in Investment Casting field are deployed to ascertain defect free castings and smooth production.

MICI” supply Precision Investment Castings Company(By Lost Wax Process) in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys including nickel and cobalt based super alloys, aluminum and it’s alloys, low alloys steels, carbon steels, high alloys steels, grade of hastalloys, all grade of satellites and any other alloys as per the customers requirements with all test of materials.

MICI” R & D is also constantly involved in evolving new methods for improving each process of complicated and precision work of investment casting. It also helps us to reduce rejections level which is always remain on higher side in investment casting process. Moreover the behavior of each of metal and alloys is also studied through our R & D.

MICI” working many of the Private companies, Government sector & Public sector, and other customers based in Europe, Asia, USA.Within short time our company gets an overwhelming response from all over the country due to our best business policy, supply the quality casting in time to time delivery and give customers satisfaction after understanding of customers requirements. The company has successfully developed certain very intricate components with excellent results for its valuable clients.

At present “MICI” supply precision investment casting in Automobile Industries, Aero engines, Aircraft, Agriculture Industries, Artificial Limbs, Aerospace, Arms & Ammunition, Boiler Mountings & Accessories, Bottling Industries, Compressors Parts, Crimping Tool Industries, Defense Armament & fire arms, Diesel & Gas Turbine Equipments, Dairy Equipments, Electrical, Earth Movers, Electronic Industries, Fire Fighting Equipment, Food Processing Machinery, Gauges, Hydraulic Pumps, Instrumentation, Locomotive, Machine Tools Equipment, Military, Nuclear Engineering, Orthopedic Appliances, Power Plant, Industrial Pumps, Pneumatics Equipment, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Plumbing Fixture, Process Machinery, Railways, Sewing Machine Parts, Textile Machinery, Valves & Fittings & in General Engineering etc. and any other industries where a component is difficult or uneconomical to be made by other conventional processes & require in any other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Investment casting company
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