Automobile Industries :

rocker arm, precombustion chamber, gear shifter, water pumps body, gland, elbow side plate of engine, timing belt pulley, connecting road etc.

Aero engines & Aircraft :

all precision parts for aero engine and air craft industries etc.

Agriculture Industries:

agricultural implants, machineries & plant protection equipment, parts for plunger pumps, boiler feeding pump, and chemical pump etc.

Air Conditioning & Equipment :

piston for compressor, lever, valve plate, cover plate, stopper plate, diff. types of nuts, impeller, auto parts etc.

Aero Space :

hub casting, rotor, blade etc.

Boiler Mountings & Accessories :

parts for steam boiler, thermal boiler, oil/gas/coal boiler, burners spares etc.

Compressors Parts :

cover plate, valve plate, pressure plate, valve assembly, diff. types of guide, lever etc.

Crimping Tool Industries :

toggle clamps, tricolor clamps, speed nut, lock nut, check nut, gland nut etc.

Cooling tower & chilling plants :

Yoke, housing, flange, lever, main body, nozzle and nipple of S.S. etc.

Defense Armament & fire arms :

all intricate and critical parts etc.

Diesel & Gas Turbine Equipments :

all kind of diesel engine parts, fuel injection equipments, nozzle, element, drain valve etc.

Dairy Equipments :

clamps,ferrule,2-way,3-way valve body, cock, din nut, SMS nut, male-female parts, ice cream machine parts. Pump and fittings, dairy valve etc.

Dies, Jigs-Fixtures & Clamps :

precision engineering components, insert for tool and dies, jig, fixtures and special gauges components etc..

Electrical engineering Industries :

junction box, housing, electrical panel lever, diff. types of gland, other electrical goods and components etc.

Earth Moving Machinery :

chain link, gear, fork, lever, socket, jaw, generator parts and earth moving industries parts etc.

Fire Fighting Equipment :

landing valve body, bonnet, stop valve, pull-up-lugs, cam tooth, female out let, socket, check nut, gland nut, and all parts for assembly, male/female coupling, branch pipe, nozzle,2.5” & 3” fire extinguisher cape, pull-out-lugs, sprinkler, coupler, parts for fire pumps as per IS -5290 standard etc. .

Food Processing Machinery :

parts for food processing m/c, packing m/c, oil filling equipments, printing m/c, pulse mill m/c etc.

Gauges/ Process Control Instruments :

12mm, 14mm, 19mm, 22mm “Z” type square section, back connector, flow instruments parts, housing, diff. types of tricolor clamps, socket, orifice plate assembly, thermocouple head, male – female parts, top and bottom chamber, compact sealed chamber, fork, lever, dosing block, flange, DT-212 & probe housing, vlale components & fittings etc.

Hydraulic Products & Equipments :

parts for hydraulic machine, fittings, nipple, valves, needle, chemflow control parts, pipe flow control parts etc.

Industrial Machinery Parts :

parts for all types of industrial machinery etc.

Marine Equipments :

marine engine parts, parts for fish finding equipment, parts for steering gears etc.

Mining Equipments :

valve plate, cover plate, pressure plate, chamber, socket, guide, rotor, pinion etc.

Orthopedic Appliances & Equipments :

90,125,130,135 degree D H S Plate, bipolar joints, conventional implants, diff. types of clamps, medical instrument frame and body, lever, lever with ball, knee joints, limbs and arms in S.S.-316-L material etc.

Pharmaceutical Machinery :

diff. types of cylinder, dosing block, lever, color, flange, parts for labeling machine, filling machine, valve body, grove piece etc.

Industrial Pumps & pumping Equipments :

impeller, bowl, diffuser, stuffing box, front and rear bearing housing, suction and discharge casing, gland plate, single stage and multi stage pump housing, adopter flanges, rotor, pinion, gear, connector, flanges & socket, valve cone, housing,V-4,V-6,V-8 segment, thrust pad, housing, NRV housing, all kind of parts for all types of industrial pumps etc.

Pneumatics Equipment :

parts for solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinder, regulatore etc.

Sewing Machine Parts :

parts for bag closer m/c, embroidery m/c, FHP and sewing m/c, thread take up lever, rotary hook, shuttle hook, tufting, needle, clip, lever, funnel etc.

Textile Machinery, spares & components :

chain link, funnel, roller assembly, spare parts for weaving m/c, sulzer m/c and other machine etc. .

Turbine :

steam turbine and its parts etc.

Valves & Fittings :

parts for ball valve, gate valve, butter fly valve, solenoid valve, Non return valve, actuator mounting ball valve, Y-type strainer, Steam trap, fitting like elbow, coupling, union, tee, single piece, two piece, three piece design ball valve, screwed end & flange end ball valve & many more for industrial valve etc.

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