Process of Investment Casting

Die Developing :

Investment castings

Dies are manufactured using latest CAD/CAM facilities.

Wax Injection :

Wax investment casting

Wax patterns are made from internationally used filled waxes, achieving better accuracy and finish injection and production of wax pattern from Dies (Patterns/tools). All Wax patterns are 100% dimensionally checked.

Wax Assembly :

Investment casting foundry

The Wax pattern after forming the tree or cluster undergoes the ceramic coating process. This process is done in temperature and Humidity controlled rooms, so that best dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish is achieved.

Coating :

Wax investment casting india

Slurries are periodically checked for its viscosity and ph test zirconium products are used for primary coats and aluminum silicate with fused silica are used for secondary coats. We built ceramic shells exclusively by hand to specialize in getting complex details which is not always possible with foundries utilizing robotics.

De-waxing :

Investment castings

Affter completing the coating process, the wax is removed by de-waxing process, which is done by putting the ceramic mould in the hot bath of wax.

Melating and Pouring :

Wax investment casting

Shells are baked and liquid metal of any grade can be cast using Induction Melting Furnace

Fettling and Finishing :

Precision investment casting

Fettling is carried out for the purpose of removing the shelling material, gates, runners, risers and chipping of any of unwanted projection of castings. Several finishes are attained as per customers requirement.